A day in the life of Craig Tickell, Aircraft Engineer in PNG.

A Typical Day

My day is very structured, which I like. I always know what is required and when it is to be completed. Typically, I’ll start my day with planning upcoming maintenance, ordering any necessary parts and scheduling. After lunch my focus shifts to the helicopters themselves, where I begin carrying out any required maintenance.

“Being lucky enough to work on HEVILIFT’s fleets of machines is awesome.”

Craig in the Mt Hagen Hangar.

Being an engineer, working to meet deadlines is just part of the job. However, sometimes the pressure is really on. When you’ve got people relying on you to do your part it’s very exciting and gives me a real sense of purpose. Rushing to meet these contract deadlines really bands the team together and makes us stronger as a group. Sitting back and seeing the quality of work the crew and I have put out to meet the requirements is very rewarding.

Something which I never expected was how multi-cultural HEVILIFT really is. I love the opportunity to meet so many people from around the world all in the one spot.

One of Craig’s colleagues working on one of the Rotary Wing Fleet.

Time to Unwind

When it’s time to relax, there’s always a game going on, be it volleyball or basketball and I often jump in and get involved. I’m quite into my fitness, so when others go to the mess I’ll either head for a jog around the compound, or hit the weights in the gym.

When asked about my favourite memory at HEVILIFT, I always remember the celebration of PNG Independence Day. All the staff got involved and dressed in their respective provinces traditional outfits. We all invited our loved ones and celebrated as a big HEVILIFT family.

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