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ATR-72 Charter in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia

The mission brief was to provide mining charter between Brisbane and Broken Hill, Australia. This particular mission took place recently. It involved flying both passengers and cargo to and from the two locations. The team was based in the Brisbane QLD Domestic Terminal.


Flight map from Brisbane to Broken Hill, NSW.

The ATR-72 is new to HEVILIFT’s fleet. The 70 seat aircraft was perfect for this operation as the size allowed for the transport of all passengers and any equipment to the Broken Hill location. The long and 4.5m wide cabin allows for all onboard to travel in complete comfort.

ATR 72 Case Study

The ATR-72.

Ten of the HEVILIFT team were involved in this operation. Including the flight and cabin crew, and ground handlers on both sides. The team worked in unison to transport the 41 passengers to the desired location.

As with any new operation, there were a number of challenges the crew faced. Some of which included; arranging inspections for compliance, airport clearance, ground handling, time zone differences, and most importantly, ensuring that all personnel arrived safe and on time. The HEVILIFT team is expertly trained in all aspects and maintained a perfect service through continuous planning and kept communication open between all stakeholders to ensure that HEVILIFT could continue to offer the best service possible.


View of Broken Hill Airport from ATR-72.

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