A day in the life of Dirk Markesteijn, Fixed Wing Fleet Manager in PNG.

A Typical Day

My job has a great mixture of management duties and active flying. A typical day starts with emails followed by the Heads of Department briefing. I then have a brief check in with all the pilots before they depart for the day. This is then followed by office time. This can be anything from rostering, planning, recruitment, training, staff care and just about everything else! When need be, I step out of the office and get in the cockpit. This is always a great change to the routine!

“Flying is my passion and working with HEVILIFT allows me to do what i love.”


Dirk in the cockpit.

My role as fleet manager ensures I over see the smooth and safe operation of HEVILIFT’s fixed wing services in PNG. This has its hurdles, however, nothing I can’t handle. Banding together with my highly trained staff sees us overcome anything thrown our way. There’s nothing more rewarding than the praise we receive from a client when they have been genuinely impressed with the quality of service we to provide.

This paired with the great working envionment for myself and the other staff, ensures that I see myself as a member of team HEVILIFT for well into the future.

Dirk’s office for the day. One of HEVILIFT’s own Twin otters

Time to Unwind

After the day is done, there is so much we can do to relax. Some of my favourites are working out in the gym, sitting out on the deck with some mates. pizza night is a favourite for all. I have also made friends who live locally, so I try my best to see them when I can.

One thing I love about working for HEVILIFT is the special activites at the base during the Christmas and New Year period. We sit down for Christmas lunch and bring in the New Year with each other. It makes it memorable being able to share it with such a great group of people.

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