We provide Fixed and Rotary Wing Aviation Solutions.

Resource Industry Support

Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft

The resource industry involves multiple facets and environments where HEVILIFT has vast experience operating within. HEVILIFT provides solutions for both personnel and equipment to support the resource sector. These operations see the team support oil and gas, onshore and offshore installations and remote mine sites.

Charter Services

Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft

With an expansive fleet across our region, supported experience professionals means HEVILIFT can provide charter services to move any number of people when called upon. No matter how difficult the terrain, or locations, our trained team ensure your personnel arrive at the destination, on time after a safe and enjoyable journey, every time.

Bespoke Solutions

Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft

By operating such a diversified fleet offering in both heavy and light, fixed and rotary wing, aircraft means that HEVILIFT is equipped to take on any challenge you may have. From Fire Suppression in Indonesia, to standing phone poles in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The specialised and resourceful team at HEVILIFT can provide bespoke solutions for all requests.


Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft

Search & Rescue (SAR) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are both important capabilities of HEVILIFT. Using our diversified fleet, HEVILIFT can conduct both SAR and EMS missions in a timely, safe and efficient capacity. Our pilots and crewman are fully certified to conduct SAR/EMS activities with moment’s notice. Our services are called upon by the both Government and non-Government sectors.

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