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Sikorsky S76 Chevron Support in Kalimantan, Indonesia

The mission brief is to assist four Chevron operations producing energy in the Kalimantan region, Indonesia. The area covered is approximately 11,100 square kms. HEVILIFT has been involved with this operation for several years. The team is housed at HEVILIFT’s Indonesian base, located in Balikpapan.

Resources Support

HEVILIFT’s S76 landing on an oil rig.

A mainstay of the HEVILIFT fleet, the Sikorsky S-76 is an American made medium-size utility helicopter. With a legacy for safety and reliability, the S-76 is commonly used for offshore oil and gas operations. HEVILIFT has been utilising this aircraft for the past several years.


HEVILIFT’s Sikorsky S76

The operation has five HEVILIFT crew, consisting mainly of pilots who operate continuously around the clock to ensure that all Chevron’s requirements are fulfilled.

HEVILIFT has had the privilege to be involved since the inception. Like any new contract, there were challenges involved with the initial set up, operationalising the terms and mobilising an aircraft are always important. The team overcame this, as they always do, by following the management of change and diligently rolling out the new project. The contract has been extended several times due to the high level of service provided by the HEVILIFT team.

S76 in Desert

HEVILIFT’s S76 returning to base.

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